pod spec lint should include checks on ``requires_arc`` #1840

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siuying commented Feb 25, 2014

Although the document said "(requires_arc) The default value of this attribute is transitioning from false to true, and in the meanwhile this attribute is always required.", it is actually not required. Maybe it is a good idea to add it to lint?

orta commented Feb 25, 2014

Agreed, adding it as an easy first step.


Indeed, this is a thing that has been in my CP TODO list for while.


I can take a look at this this weekend.


Sorry, things got a little busy this last weekend. I'll be doing this during the bug bash, at the latest (need some pointers in where to look for various parts of the code – figure the bug bash will have lots of people on hand).


My apartment is currently in shambles and I'm trying to deal with where to stay during a dramatic bathroom renovation. So if someone else wants to tackle this as part of the bug bash, that'd be fine with me. Otherwise I'll get to it ASAP.

orta commented Mar 29, 2014

For people watching along at home, you'll want to be looking here: https://github.com/CocoaPods/Core/blob/master/lib/cocoapods-core/specification/linter.rb

@dlackty closed this issue with pull request CocoaPods/Core#71

siuying commented Mar 29, 2014

👍 !!

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