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Duplicate Paths in FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS when a pod has multi vendored_frameworks #1882

kejinlu opened this Issue Mar 13, 2014 · 8 comments

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kejinlu commented Mar 13, 2014

I believe that it should remove duplicate paths

@kejinlu kejinlu assigned CocoaPodsBot and unassigned CocoaPodsBot Mar 29, 2014


  • Create a new Xcode Project
  • pod init
  • Add pod ShareKit to the Podfile (it has 2 vendored_frameworks)
  • pod install

The FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS in the generated xcconfig file contains the "$(PODS_ROOT)/ShareKit/Frameworks" path twice.


Issue has been confirmed by @schneiderandre

@CocoaPodsBot CocoaPodsBot was unassigned by kejinlu Mar 29, 2014
CocoaPods member

We should check wether a search is already in the config array before adding it.

CocoaPods member

or just uniq that array

CocoaPods member

@fabiopelosin it looks like the change might need to go in Xcodeproj::XCConfig#merge!

CocoaPods member

I thought about adding it directly in Xcodeproj::Config however I'm not sure if there are cases where a duplicate might make sense. If not we should definitely do it there by default.


Also confirmed if you're writing a podspec and have:

s.xcconfig = { 'FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS' => '"$(PLATFORM_DIR)/Developer/Library/Frameworks"' }

The resulting Pods-xxx-debug.xcconfig has:

FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS = "$(PLATFORM_DIR)/Developer/Library/Frameworks" "$(PLATFORM_DIR)/Developer/Library/Frameworks"

This is in a project whose Podfile has 2 targets (main app and test target) that each get the pod.

CocoaPods member

I don't think we can safely always remove duplicate paths, as ordering matters.

@segiddins segiddins closed this Aug 29, 2015
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