Ignore Acknowledgements for Private Pods? #1924

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I've searched around, but couldnt find an answer. I apologize if I missed it.

We have a private repository that houses some proprietary code bases, and include those in various projects.

I would like for these components to NOT be included in the Acknowledgements generation.

  1. At the moment, we're filling out the license attribute with the following text so we won't get a spec lint warning:
  s.license = { :type => 'Commercial', :text => 'Created and licensed by Mutual Mobile. Copyright 2014 Mutual Mobile, Inc. All rights reserved.' } 

However, since we fill it out, it will show up in the Acknowledgements.

What's the best way to get it to not show up? Would it make sense for a :exclude_acknowledgement => true flag that you could set on a per pod basis?

orta commented Mar 26, 2014

Moving forwards, we'll be using a cocoapods plugin for generating the acknowledgements, maybe in 2 releases away, which we we're planning on making it only include metadata from Pods that were included from the main Specs repo.

Any idea on a timeline for that? Need to decide if its worth me coming up with an alternate solution in the near term.

orta commented Mar 26, 2014

My guess, 1-3 months, may make sense in the short term for you to do some ruby magic at the end of the Podfile to strip projects x,z,y out of the plist.

It's not that we need to do a bunch of work it's that its pretty low on the agenda ( and pretty controversial. )

Issue has been confirmed by @segiddins

fcy commented Jun 19, 2014

I also need this feature for private pods.

include metadata from Pods that were included from the main Specs repo

This option is not 100% because I've some forks of public projects in my private repo with patches that weren't applied yet. Those I'd still like to include in the Acknowledgements.

y310 commented Jul 30, 2014

I had same problem and I created cocoapods-ack_filter to solve it.

This plugin filters out unnecessary license from Pods-acknowledgements.plist.
You can write filtering rule by regular expression.


gem install cocoapods-ack_filter
# Filter out licenses which includes "MyCompany" in license body text
pod ack-filter MyCompany --output FilteredAcknowledgements.plist

You can also use this in Podfile to automate updating acknowledgements.

post_install do
  Pod::Command::AckFilter.filter(pattern: /MyCompany/, output: 'FilteredAcknowledgements.plist')

Please use this plugin if it solves your problem until releasing official solution.

kylef commented Sep 14, 2014

Closing in favour of #2465

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