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Command line ANSI colouring provides is used to provide visual feedback to command lines users. CocoaPods currently users the following colours:

  • red for errors
  • yellow for warnings
  • green for success and subcommands
  • blue for command line options
  • magenta for command line arguments

Unfortunately in the default configuration for light backgrounds for most terminals some of those colours are not readable.

  • On one hand the terminal should be configured as the 8 colours are readable agains the background, on the other hand it is annoying to have to configure a terminal theme for CocoaPods (when it is not necessary for most of the other command line tools).
  • The --no-ansi options could be recommended (used as an alias) for those terminals configurations where only a subset of colours is readable.
  • Highlighting with colours is a desirable feature which improves the experience of using CocoaPods, unfortunately, excluding the two popular background colours we are using 5 colours (the only one left is cyan).

If the need is to reduce the range of colors used, in order to have more colors free to use for light terminal, it wouldn't be a big deal to use green and yellow for options and arguments.
Using green for both success messages and highlighting an option word in the help message for example wouldn't be that dramatic if it allows us to reduce the range of colors used from 5 to 3, as "success messages" and "options highlighting in help banner" are completely different contexts.

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I think this is free to be closed. I've never heard anyone take issue with our colour schemes.

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