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Option to clear cache #407

dongle opened this Issue Jul 17, 2012 · 5 comments

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dongle commented Jul 17, 2012

Sometimes I get cache errors when I perform a pod install to update pods pulling from the head. Deleting the CocoaPods directory under ~/Library/Caches doesn't seem to be enough. Could we have an option to clear the cache via, say, 'pod setup clearcache' or could we have a list of directories that CocoaPods uses so I can make a shell script to clear them myself?

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alloy commented Jul 17, 2012

There’s only one place where we cache and that’s ~/Library/Caches. I’m open to any enhancement, but in this case I would first prefer to see the output of such an issue and try to understand the real problem.

rulien commented Jul 30, 2012

I think a pod clearcache would be a great addition. I had a case where we changed strategy from tagging to specifying branch. Since some had this cached against tag and did not have the branch i that cached repo they got a failure during install saying git branch xx does not exist eventhough it does. Clearing cache manually helps, but users should not need to know where the cache is.

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The error experienced by @dongle appears to be related to bug in cocoapods with the head version.

@rulien what was you error specifically? The cache is just a git repo. If the reference is available in the repo it is cloned straight away, otherwise a pull is performed. If after the pull the reference is not available then cocoapods complaints. If a branch is requested the upstream repo is added to the clone, the branch then is fetched and checked out (bypassing the cache).


Just closed Cocoapods/Specs#325, which is an example of where clearing the cache at ~/Library/Caches is necessary to make the pod install work.

I'd suggest a pod install --force instead of pod setup --clear-cache. I'll try and cook something up over the weekend, thoughts/comments?

@dflems dflems referenced this issue in CocoaPods/Specs Aug 24, 2012

Add Facebook-iOS-SDK v3.0.8 #420

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The last known issue with the cache is fixed by 0.17. I'm closing this, if there are more issues users will report them.

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