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Cocoapods cleans pod directory for external git podspec with subspecs #414

jeanregisser opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I'm back with a bug with external subspecs ;)

I'm using an external git podspec which has subspecs and the following Podfile:

platform :ios

pod 'PivotalCoreKit/CoreLib', :git => 'git://'

Now, after a pod installthe Pods/PivotalCoreKitdirectory only contains the podspec and the README.

One workaround is to pass the --no-clean option or to add s.preserve_paths = 'CoreLib', 'UICoreLib', 'SpecHelperLib'to the podspec.

What's interesting is that this bug doesn't occur if I use the podspec from the official Specs repo.

I'm using CocoaPods 0.9.2


I’ve located the problem, but the fix will have to wait till tomorrow.

@alloy alloy closed this in 7634571
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