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I think that the time as come for CocoaPods to consider whether it wants to became self aware.

I would be nice if we could create a CocoaPodsBot hosted on a Mac OS X server which would have the following features:

  • Perform a full lint on every pull request and comment with an approval or the lint errors.
  • Perform a full lint on every podspec added to the master repo.
  • Package the sources of every podspec added to the master repo.

The lats point would be a solution to persist pods. This is a different workflow than what is done in RubyGems. Under this scenario we a responsible of packaging the pod and CocoaPods will use the packaged version only if the original source is unreachable.

Regarding download stats for the pods, pod install could simply send the list of the installed pods to

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I have been toying around with a primitive version in

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