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Set requires_arc on a per file basis #464

indragiek opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Some libraries have certain files that need to be compiled without ARC. Right now, you can only set requires_arc on every file included in the podspec. I tried using a subspec to separate out the files that have ARC turned off, but I got an error saying that requires_arc can't be set on a subspec.


The support should be available in the next version.


I'm having the same issue trying to create a podspec for MESegmentedControl. There are only two source files; one needs to be compiled with ARC and the other without. I too tried to resolve the difference with subspecs: do |s|         = "MESegmentedControl"
  s.version      = "0.0.1"
  s.summary      = "Podspec for MESegmentedControl"       = { "Dave Thompson" => "" }
  s.license      = {
    :type =>    'Modified BSD',
    :text =>    <<-LICENSE
                Copyright (c) 2012 David Thompson. All rights reserved.
                MESegmentedControl is distributed under the Modified BSD License.
  s.platform     = :ios
  s.source       = { :git => 'git://' }

  s.subspec 'Badges' do |badges|
    badges.source_files = 'MESegmentedControl/CustomBadges.{h,m}'
    badges.requires_arc = false

  s.subspec 'Control' do |control|
    control.source_files    = 'MESegmentedControl/MESegmentedControl.{h,m}'
#    control.dependency     = 'MESegmentedControl/Badges'
    control.requires_arc    = true

but no love. So yes, the subspec allows .requires_arc but... If I use the podspec as is, the "Badges" files aren't copied down. If I uncomment the dependency line, I get an "undefined method `dependency=" error. Am I not getting the syntax right?

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