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arc/nonarc subspecs, what am I doing wrong? #511

claybridges opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I want to have arc & nonarc files in the same podspec. I take it subspecs are the way to go, but I can't get there from here. Here's my podspec: do |s|     =  'pubnub-api'
  s.version  =  '3.2'
  s.summary  =  'PubNub makes Real-time Real Easy with a Simple Communications API.'
  s.homepage =  ''   =  { 'PubNub' => '' }
  s.source   =  { :git => '', :commit => '069ee8526c05bd97d7edd60a89aa161b8c3a9fc4' }
  s.platform = :ios
  # s.license =  'TBD'

  s.subspec 'arc' do |a|
    a.source_files =  'objective-c/3.2/Pubnub/PubNub/{CEPubnub,Cipher,Common,Base64}.{h.m}'
    a.requires_arc = true

  s.subspec 'nonarc' do |na|
    na.source_files =  'objective-c/3.2/Pubnub/PubNub/JSON{,Kit}.{h,m}'

Here's the line from the Podfile:

pod 'pubnub-api', :podspec => 'podspecs/pubnub-api/3.2/pubnub-api.podspec'

I only ever get the files/group etc. from the second subspec. Anybody know what's up?


Hi @claybridges ! We are taking a look at this. This ticket has been open for a while. Have you found a solution yet?


@claybridges also consider upgrading to the latest 3.3 PubNub API -


@stephenlb my team has upgraded to pubnub-api 3.3, so this is no longer a blocker for us. I'm still curious how to do this, though, and/or what I'm doing wrong.


Specifying arc in the subspec will be supported by v0.15. I'm not sure of what is happening here but you should get an error that indicates that you can't specify arc in subspecs during pod install.


Even though 0.15 will support different ARC settings in subspecs (and could be used as a stopgap solution) this is not how it eventually should be, but the requires_arc attribute should take a file list/pattern: #532.

@alloy alloy closed this
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