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avocade commented Sep 23, 2012

There is an old pod using the old "Hoptoad-iOS" API:

The new one is called Airbrake and is found here:


Apparently not, please try pod spec create and open a pull request in the specs repo. If you get stuck I can help in the pull request.


Sorry, I read your comment in the email, and apparently it was updated later. So could you just make a pull request adding the podspec with the new name and the new source?

avocade commented Sep 25, 2012

Fixed a podspec file for Airbrake-iOS, but getting weird error when specifying a s.resources directive for the ABNotifier.bundle folder.

  s.resources    = 'Airbrake/notifier/ABNotifier.bundle'

But shows error when lint:ing.

 -> Airbrake-iOS (3.1.0)
    - ERROR | The resources did not match any file

Analyzed 1 podspecs files.

[!] The spec did not pass validation.

Checked other podspec files and their repos and couldn't find what I missed. Pushed up and sent a pull request for the current state of the Specs repo now.

pat2man commented Oct 18, 2012

Pull request: CocoaPods/Specs#628

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