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Convention over configuration #558

fabiopelosin opened this Issue Sep 25, 2012 · 1 comment

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CocoaPods member

We should push even more convention over configuration:

  • source_files should default to Classes/**/*{h,m}.
  • resources should default to Resources/**/*.
  • As mentioned by another issue arc should be set to true.

It would be also nice to have a tool to create a conventioned library:

  • pod lib create creates the boilerplate.
  • pod lib lint lints the library (we already have this 44f594b).
  • pod lib release VERSION: lints, updates the podspec, creates a git tag, pushes the repo, pushes the update to the master repo.

The boilerplate could have the following strucute:

|-- Classes
|-- Resources
|-- Project
|-- Readme.markdown
|-- NAME.podspec
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin was assigned Oct 23, 2012
CocoaPods member

The idea of using a default patterns could create issues as there is too much magic.

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