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I have created a gist for the Podfile template of almost every project I start:


I believe that many people also write projects for iOS, OSX and do unit tests. However the wiki is lacking a clear example for this case. In the case of testing targets, when using OCUnit it is important to explain why "exclusive => true" is important

However I am not good yet with Podfiles and I am sure my template can be improved. I have two problems with that file that I can't easily solve
1. I would like to group targets for iOS and for OSX with default pods for "all targets" and default pods for "specific platforms"
2. The iOS target (MyAppTouch) is generating a xconfig file with the testing pods (mock, hamcrest...) which I expect to be defined only within their targets.

I kind of fix point 2 by moving that target to the top (right below the defaults, first target specification) AND writing again one single Pod request. Doing that the xconfig file not only does not show the testing Pods anymore, but also includes the "other" default pods

This issue is a combination of "bug", "wiki update" and "help request", but I am not sure if the root of my problems is not being able to write a better Podfile


See #630.
I think it is related things

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Moving the discussion to #840

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