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alloy commented Nov 14, 2011

Need to extract TODOs from chat:

kommen: alloy: do you have any idea how i should tackle this problem: i have one workspace with 3 projects: the Pods project, an iOS project and a Mac OS project.
kommen: Pods puts it's build products into "Debug-iphoneos" so the ios project can find it
kommen: but the Mac os target looks only in "Debug"
alloy: Hm, I did not yet have to deal with this… Also, it can well be that some source files will be included in a Pods project if the Podfile says that the project is for :ios, which might not be wanted for a :osx project.
alloy: So, I think a few things will have to happen
alloy: First of all you should be able to tell `pod install` for which platform you’re building a Pods project
alloy: Then I think we’ll have to build separate Pods projects for both platforms, it’s the only way I can think of to ensure that you get precisely the source files that you need.
kommen: i see what you mean
alloy: But for now, as a workaround, I think having two workspaces in different directories is the way to go
kommen: i just wanted to write that :)
kommen: i guess i've a very special case here
alloy: Yeah, sad thing is that we’ll have to encounter all the shitty issues first ourselves :)
alloy: Well, I think we should be able to cater for it
alloy: * pass platform to `pod install` instead of in the Podfile
alloy: * create Pods project with different name and library names
alloy: Then you can have it all in one workspace
alloy: So, for instance, if you don’t specify the platform in the Podfile, but specify it like: `pod install --platform ios`, then the Pods dir, project, and targets, should be named ‘Pods-ios’, or so
kommen: right

Any further progress on how this might work? I'm enamored with CocoaPods in my currently iOS-only project, but I plan on expanding into a Mac version shortly. Thanks to the advent of TWUI and Chameleon, I'll probably be able to share a good chunk of code between the two apps, leading me to believe housing them in one workspace (even the same project, if possible) would be a good idea. Maybe there could be sub-specs, and still just the one pod install command? For example, both targets would depend on AFNetworking and BlocksKit, but only iOS would link against SSToolkit and only Mac would link against a hypothetical TWUI pod.

alloy commented Feb 8, 2012

Yup, that sounds about how it should work indeed.

There hasn’t been any progress made in this area, though. However, it might be something that’s on the TODO list of @mk and @kommen (or their TODO list for me (: ).

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