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Way to exclude paths in paths specifications in .podspec #65

darvin opened this Issue · 9 comments

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May be use Ruby's Find expressions in paths fields of .podspecs?
I need to set clean_paths to all paths in project, except one, how I should do this?


You can glob in clean_paths, but this still won’t allow you to exclude one path from everything. So, I think we should allow the use of the FileList class from Rake, which amongst others allows you to add extra conditions such as exclude.

In your case this would then look like:

  s.clean_paths = FileList['*'].exclude('iphone')

PS: You should not clean files such as README and especially LICENSE.


of course, thanks

@darvin darvin closed this

You can’t yet use the FileList class, I need to add support for it. It’s almost done, but I might not release it yet until tomorrow when I’ve had a bit more time to check it all works.


I’ve just pushed out version 0.3.2, with that version you can do:

s.clean_paths = FileList['*'].exclude(/iphone$/)

Hi. How do we do, now that FileList is deprecated?


Thanks @alloy.

This is the line that won't lint (

spec.public_header_files = FileList['src/classes/*.h'].exclude(/_private/)

exclude_files is described as "A list of file patterns that should be excluded from the other file patterns."

However my xxx_private headers should be removed only from the public header files. Not from all other file patterns (particularly, not for compilation header files).

Do I see a problem where there is no one? Or did I just spot a blind spot in the new API?


@groue Ah I see, no that’s because of #998.


You're right, @allloy, thanks for spotting #998 for me. I'll add my two cents in this issue.

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