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fgarcia commented Nov 20, 2012

I am making my own pods for some libraries and I am surprised that there is still no "s.maintainer" property. Maybe it is just me, but I think that is a really important piece of information. I can imagine that for some libraries (specially C++) the author is not concerned about a Pod spec.

I would never be comfortable at all writing my name. On the other hand, using the real author name might get people mailing him/her without a knowledge that there is a problem.

On the other hand I might missing some importion about how the process to submit AND maintain podspecs is done.


fabiopelosin commented Nov 20, 2012

Even tough I don't have a strong opinion for a maintainer attribute we have the information in the git repo and we prefer to keep the DSL as clean as possible.

I think that users understand that the podspec might not be maintained by the author of the library, so I'm not too worried about this issue. However if we start to get some reports, then that would be another matter.

This is related to a more important question for CocoaPods. Wether we should keep the ability of contributors to change all the podspecs or whether we should implement a owner based design like ruby gems.

fgarcia commented Nov 22, 2012

I usually make a big deal of proper attribution with open source. Maybe I was used too much to package management systems like apt-get, macports, ports, ruby gems, python eggs

On the other hand you are right, better to keep the DSL as clean as possible, after all, CocoaPods is not exactly a package manager.

I believe this topic and the owner based design should be reconsidered within a future if the specs become awfully large and/or with people complaining about broken specs. In the mean time, this issue will do its job as votting system 😏


fabiopelosin commented Feb 23, 2013

I'm closing this issue as it is not actionable. If there is demand for this kind of tag let us know with this issue.

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