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Pod install fails without for empty targets #765

gpascale opened this Issue Jan 26, 2013 · 6 comments

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I ran 'pod install' without having any actual pods in my Podfile, just a target and xcodeproj, and my workspace ended up with only a "Pods" project. My actual project was not there. Adding a single pod fixed it.


This occurs because of the definition of the user_project_paths method in Pod::Installer::UserProjectIntegrator -

  def user_project_paths
    user_project_paths = do |td|
      next if td.empty?
      td.user_project.path #|| raise(Informative, "Could not resolve the Xcode project in which the " \
                           #                      "`#{}' target should be integrated.")

If there are no Pods, then the default TargetDefinition is empty and the user_project_paths array is empty.

I'm working on a patch where this method is moved to the Podfile class, which has more knowledge about a default project.

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@petergoldstein If you are working on a patch please use the cocoapods-core repo and the 0.17 branch, they are almost ready and they are architecturally very different. Docs can be found here


@irrationalfab - Thanks. I was using this repo. Let me switch over.

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Related to #840

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@petergoldstein did you do any work on this?

kylef commented Mar 11, 2014

Duplicate of #1830.

@kylef kylef closed this Mar 11, 2014
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