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Ignore Analyzer warnings #821

simonmaddox opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Much like how you can inhibit compiler warnings, I'd like to be able to inhibit the static analyzer warnings too (it's not my code, and I have no interest in seeing the analyzer warnings for it).

It'd obviously need to be opt-in, like inhibiting the warnings is, but it seems fairly trivial to implement:

Just add -Xanalyzer -analyzer-disable-checker to the compiler flags (I don't know of a target-wide setting for this. Maybe there is one though?)


I wonder if we shouldn’t just include this in inhibit_all_warings! as well.



Yeah, I'd agree that seems like the right place to do this.

I've added this in a local branch, so I'm happy to submit a Pull Request if you'd like? It's something like 6 lines extra (without tests), so it's your call :)


Sounds good, please submit the pull.

@supermarin supermarin was assigned

Implemented in #943

@supermarin supermarin closed this

This is no longer working on v0.33.1 with Xcode 6.


Please update to v0.34.4.


This doesn't work with v0.34.4 either.


Yes, this doesn't work in v.0.34.4 and Xcode 6


See #2816.

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