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Explicitly specify spec repos to load from and the order #85

alloy opened this Issue · 3 comments

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From @mmobarak:

Another idea for allowing overrides of podspecs is to allow the inclusion of an ordered repo list at the start of the Podfile, in the style of the Gemfile 'source' directive. This would then determine the order in which the pod repos were searched, and maybe eventually download remote repos to cache the podspecs locally:

repo  'mycompanypodspecs'                      # the mycompanypodspecs repo in ~/.cocoapods, 
                                               # installed/managed with 'pod repo', is preferred

repo  '' # the generally authoritative podspec repo 
                                               # downloaded as necessary to ~/.cocoapods 
                                               # subject to management with 'pod repo'

just search all repos and use the one with the highest version


A workaround: The search for the repo to use seems to be alphabetical. You can implicitly specify the order by choosing the repo name in pod repo add.

I would also prefer that it just searches all repos and uses the highest version.


@atomkirk Agreed.

@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin was assigned
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