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Target definition inheritance issues #955

fabiopelosin opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Given the following Podfile:

# Links with a OS X 10.8 target 
pod 'APod'

target 'target_mobile' do
  # Links with a iOS 6.0 target 
  pod 'APod'

The target_mobile will be computed as OS X 10.8. This is because:

  1. The platform of the first target is auto detected
  2. The platform is stored in the target definition so the resolver can use it.
  3. The child target inherits the platform from the parent
  4. As the child target has a platform it is not auto-detected.

I'm not sure about the best way to solve this.


So the target_mobile target would still work properly if it would contain the platform :ios directive?


@alloy Yes, if you specify the manually platform it works properly.


Without reading too much of the current implementation, I’d say the ideal solution would be to flag a platform as being ‘explicit’ or ‘implicit’. If it’s implicit, child targets need to be automatically resolved as well.

I do worry that it might become too complex and we should have just not gone down the ‘automatic’ road. Do you think this would make it even more complex?


The only automatic road doesn't allow non-integrating installations. Your solution would work, however I agree that we need to rethink a bit how target definition work (see #840), to keep things simple.


Moving to #840


@confidenceJuice closed with reason ">Moving to #840"

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