Cannot compile Pods library in 0.18.0 #956

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siuying commented Apr 9, 2013

I have a project having 2 targets: one main target, another test target.

After updated to pods 0.18.0, after pod install I open the project and compile the test target. It will always failed with error:

It cannot find the Pods-SampleAppTests-prefix.pch.d file

The project compile properly in 0.17.x.

My Podfile:

platform :ios, '6.0'
pod "DTCoreText", :head
target :SampleAppTests do
    pod 'Specta'
    pod 'Expecta'
    pod 'OCMock'

A minimal project to reproduce the error:

alloy commented Apr 9, 2013

I’m not able to reproduce the issue. I was able to build the project and run pod install with 0.18.0 and still build. Can you check if quitting Xcode, deleting the DerivedData dir, and re-build helps?


@alloy The issue is in the test target.

alloy commented Apr 9, 2013

Ugh… 😭

alloy commented Apr 9, 2013

So yeah, I can reproduce the failure and succeed with 0.17.1. The difference is the extra $(inherited) flag here. It should not be quoted, if you remove them from the xcconfig the project will build again.

@alloy alloy closed this in b7ad2cf Apr 9, 2013
siuying commented Apr 10, 2013

Awesome! 👍

@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 10, 2013
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Merge tag '0.18.1'
Release 0.18.1

* tag '0.18.1':
  Release 0.18.1
  [Fixtures] Update version
  Require Core 0.18.1
  Changelog [ci skip]
  [TargetIntegrator] Robustness against target with missing file references
  Fix Xcodeproj autoload
  More autoload #see 919
  Don't initialize Spec::Set::Statistics if not needed
  [Fix] Do not quote `$(inherited)`. Fixes #956.
  [SourceManagers] Fix CocoaPods spelling
  [Rakefile] Set git user on Travis 2
  [Rakefile] Set git user on Travis
  [Installer] Run the hooks of all the specs (not of the installed ones only)

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