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Rename the `local` option of the Podfile to `path` #971

fabiopelosin opened this Issue · 15 comments

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It would be consistent with Bundler and a more appropriate name.


solved in CocoaPods/Core#16

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Using the :path option doesn't work for me. It looks like :local is used exclusively in a few places, in particular in podspec_path:


@jasl8r Are you using CocoaPods head?


Yes, with a very simple setup it fails.

Directory structure:



pod 'one', :path => 'libone'

Installation fails:

pod install --no-repo-update --verbose

Analyzing dependencies

Fetching external sources
-> Fetching podspec for `one` from ``
[!] No podspec found for `one` in ``

/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/external_sources.rb:351:in `podspec_path'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/external_sources.rb:323:in `block in fetch'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/user_interface.rb:73:in `titled_section'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/external_sources.rb:322:in `fetch'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/installer/analyzer.rb:258:in `block (2 levels) in fetch_external_sources'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/installer/analyzer.rb:256:in `each'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/installer/analyzer.rb:256:in `block in fetch_external_sources'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/user_interface.rb:52:in `section'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/installer/analyzer.rb:255:in `fetch_external_sources'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/installer/analyzer.rb:55:in `analyze'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/installer.rb:167:in `analyze'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/installer.rb:92:in `block in resolve_dependencies'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/user_interface.rb:52:in `section'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/installer.rb:91:in `resolve_dependencies'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/installer.rb:84:in `install!'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/command/project.rb:40:in `run_install_with_update'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/command/project.rb:70:in `run'
/Users/jasl8r/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p392/gems/claide-0.2.0/lib/claide.rb:535:in `run'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/command.rb:48:in `run'
/Users/jasl8r/Development/cocoapods/CocoaPods/bin/pod:16:in `<main>'

With :local everything is fine.

Updating the declared_path value to use the :local or :path value solves the initial installation failure. However, changing the Podfile to add another dependency, and re-running pod install causes a different failure. Interestingly, pod update succeeds with this change.


Yeah those occurrences should be updated as well.

/cc @mneorr


@jasl8r, sorry... you obviously are using CocoaPods head. Can you verify that my patch actually fixes the issue?


Looks good, thanks.


@irrationalfab thanks for fixing, I was out these days


what's the reason for deprecating this?


The feature was not deprecated it was just renamed to follow the Bundler convention. Also the new name is more informative.


[!] The :local option of the Podfile has been renamed to :path and is deprecated.

That's what pod says.


The deprecation just refers to the old syntax and not to the feature.


gotcha, thanks. the changelog entry is a bit frustrating though. :)


I've improved it :-) (the other day but I've forgot to comment).

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