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Http downloader download dependencies with http and then decompress them.

They will be usful for case where VCS repo is not available, and only HTTP URL is provided from source.

This make podfile/spec such as following possible:

platform :ios

dependency do |s|     = 'TestFlightSDK'
  s.version  = '1.0.0'
  s.license  = 'Commercial'
  s.summary  = 'TestFlightSDK for over-the-air beta testing and crash reporting.'
  s.homepage = ''        = { 'TestFlight' => '' }
  s.source        = { :http => '' }
  s.description   = 'TestFlightSDK for over-the-air beta testing and crash reporting.'
  s.platform      = :ios

  s.xcconfig      = { 'LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS' => "$(SRCROOT)/Pods/TestFlightSDK/" }
  s.source_files  = 'TestFlight.h'
  s.library       = 'TestFlight', 'z'

Reference: #66, #98 and CocoaPods/Specs#132

@alloy alloy and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Apr 23, 2012
@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
require 'fileutils'
+require 'yaml'
alloy Apr 23, 2012

Why is this needed here?

siuying Apr 23, 2012

Sorry I just got a YAML error later at line 65. Not related to this commit.

alloy Apr 23, 2012

Ah gotcha, can you move it to just after def check_versions(dir)? This way it will only be loaded when really needed :)

CocoaPods member

@alloy I added some unit/functional tests!

CocoaPods member

At the moment I’m unable to pull from GitHub, I’ll try again later. Thanks!

@alloy alloy merged commit f9e77af into CocoaPods:master Apr 24, 2012
CocoaPods member


You now have push access to this repo.


@alloy shall i build new Specs based on this, or wait for 0.6 release?

CocoaPods member

@siuying Go ahead, but be sure to push them to the ‘0.6’ branch of the specs repo!


@alloy Cool, thanks!

@ligaz ligaz referenced this pull request in NativeScript/nativescript-cli Sep 30, 2015

Support xcconfig file from plugin #883

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