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Switching subversion downloader from checkout to export #473

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This is for issue #245.

I don't know ruby, so I didn't understand the '%|checkout' syntax, so I instead just put "export" into the first quoted section.

Initially I had added a --force flag to the export operation, in order to work around the downloader already having created an empty dir with the same name, but I have not included the --force flag in this pull request because as mentioned in issue 245, the solution is to prevent the downloader from creating the empty dir. However, I don't know where in the codebase that happens, so I haven't included that change here. Note this means this checkin will break the svn downloader.

Also unaddressed is the issue of changing the bundle copy method to not include .svn directories.


This pull request fails (merged ac2b400 into 79089b4).

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Thanks for taking the time!

I fixed the syntax and the issue with the directory being created before the export in 402b875.

Btw, running the specs as described here should greatly help next time in guiding.

@yalp yalp pushed a commit to yalp/cocoapods-downloader that referenced this pull request
@marcc-orange marcc-orange Add :checkout option to allow checkinable pod when using --no-clean
The svn downloader uses export instead of checkout by default since

But having a "checkin-able" pod is still usefull for the Pods developpers even
if it has been aggreed to be a minority-use case.
(from CocoaPods/CocoaPods#245 discussion).
@yalp yalp referenced this pull request in CocoaPods/cocoapods-downloader

Add :checkout option to allow checkinable svn pod when combined with --no-clean #7

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Commits on Aug 23, 2012
  1. @cellularmitosis
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  1. +2 −2 lib/cocoapods/downloader/subversion.rb
4 lib/cocoapods/downloader/subversion.rb
@@ -4,11 +4,11 @@ class Subversion < Downloader
executable :svn
def download
- svn! %|checkout "#{reference_url}" "#{target_path}"|
+ svn! "export #{reference_url}" "#{target_path}"|
def download_head
- svn! %|checkout "#{trunk_url}" "#{target_path}"|
+ svn! "export #{trunk_url}" "#{target_path}"|
def reference_url
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