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Failing test for the issue #535 #551

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2 participants

Arthur Evstifeev Fabio Pelosin
Arthur Evstifeev

Test for the issue with sandbox pods caching.

Arthur Evstifeev ap4y closed this
Fabio Pelosin

Sorry for not merging this. The architecture related to this issue has changed considerably and so the test was not suitable anymore. The issue should be fixed now. Thanks for taking the time submit the pull.

Arthur Evstifeev

No worries Fabio. Thanks for the fix!

Jose Zapater jzapater referenced this pull request from a commit in jzapater/CocoaPods
Chakrit Wichian chakrit [PSTCollectionView] Specify exact commit sha instead of HEAD. #551 1be7eb8
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Commits on Sep 24, 2012
  1. Arthur Evstifeev

    Added test for the issue #535

    ap4y authored
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Showing with 15 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +15 −0 spec/unit/sandbox_spec.rb
15 spec/unit/sandbox_spec.rb
@@ -113,4 +113,19 @@
@sandbox.installed_pod_named('BananaLib', Pod::Platform.ios).should.eql pod
@sandbox.local_pod_for_spec(spec, Pod::Platform.ios).should.eql pod
+ it "returns a LocalPod for a subspec which source is expected to be in the sandbox" do
+ (@sandbox.root + 'Local Podspecs').mkdir
+ FileUtils.cp(fixture('chameleon') + 'Chameleon.podspec', @sandbox.root + 'Local Podspecs')
+ spec1 = Pod::Specification.from_file(@sandbox.root + 'Local Podspecs/Chameleon.podspec', 'Chameleon/UIKit')
+ spec2 = Pod::Specification.from_file(@sandbox.root + 'Local Podspecs/Chameleon.podspec', 'Chameleon/StoreKit')
+ pod1 = @sandbox.local_pod_for_spec(spec1, Pod::Platform.osx)
+ 'Chameleon/UIKit'
+ pod1.specifications.should.eql [spec1]
+ pod2 = @sandbox.local_pod_for_spec(spec2, Pod::Platform.osx)
+ 'Chameleon/StoreKit'
+ pod2.specifications.should.eql [spec2]
+ end
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