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  • The resolver will now take supported platform deployment targets into account
    when resolving dependencies.
    Samuel Giddins
  • Pods.xcodeproj will now be written with deterministic UUIDs, vastly reducing
    project churn and merge conflicts. This behavior can be disabled via the new
    Samuel Giddins
  • cocoapods-stats
    is now a default plugin.
    Samuel Giddins
Bug Fixes


Highlighted Enhancement That Needs Testing
  • De-duplicate Pod Targets: CocoaPods now recognizes when a dependency is used
    multiple times across different user targets, but needs to be built only once.
    The targets in Pods.xcodeproj need to be duplicated when one of the following

    • They are used on different platforms.
    • They are used with differents sets of subspecs.
    • They have any dependency which needs to be duplicated.

    You can opt-out of this behavior installation-wise, by setting the following
    option in your ``~/.cocoapods/config.yaml`:

    deduplicate_targets: false

    Marius Rackwitz

  • The CocoaPods environment header has been removed.
    Samuel Giddins
  • The Installer is passed directly to the pre_install and post_install
    hooks defined in the Podfile, instead of the previously used
    Marius Rackwitz
  • Deprecate the xcconfig attribute in the Podspec DSL, which is replaced by
    the new attributes pod_target_xcconfig and user_target_xcconfig.
    Marius Rackwitz
  • The notice about a new version being available will now include our
    recommendation of using the latest stable version.
    Hugo Tunius
  • New commands pod cache list and pod cache clean allows you to see the
    contents of the cache and clean it.
    Olivier Halligon
  • The download cache will automatically be reset when changing CocoaPods
    Samuel Giddins
  • Supports running pre-install hooks in plugins. This happens before the resolver
    does its work, and offers easy access to the sandbox, podfile and lockfile via a
    PreInstallHooksContext object. This also renames the post-install hooks from HooksContext
    to PostInstallHooksContext.
    Orta Therox
  • Allow passing additional arguments to pod lib create, which then get passed
    as-is to the configure scripts.
    Samuel Giddins
  • Use -analyzer-disable-all-checks to disable static analyzer for
    pods with inhibit_warnings enabled (requires Xcode >= 6.1).
    Dieter Komendera
  • Cache globbing in PathList to speed up pod install.
    Vincent Isambart
  • CocoaPods will validate your podfile and try to identify problems
    and conflicts in how you've specified the dependencies.
    Hugo Tunius
  • pod update will now accept root pod names, even when only subspecs are
    Samuel Giddins
  • Support for the new watchos platform.
    Boris Bügling
Bug Fixes
  • Added recursive support to the public headers of vendored frameworks
    that are automatically linked in the sandbox. This fixes and issue
    for framework header directories that contain sub-directories.
    Todd Casey
  • Public headers of vendored frameworks are now automatically linked in
    the sandbox. That allows transitive inclusion of headers from other pods.
    Vincent Isambart
  • Fixes an issue that prevented static libraries from building. OTHER_LIBTOOLFLAGS
    is no longer set to the value of OTHER_LDFLAGS. If you want to create a static
    library that includes all dependencies for (internal/external) distribution then
    you should use a tool like cocoapods-packager.
    Michael Moscardini
  • The embed frameworks script will now properly filter out symlinks to the
    directories that are filtered, which fixes an issue when submitting to the
    Mac App Store.
    Samuel Giddins
  • The error report template is now more robust against missing executables.
    Samuel Giddins
  • Attempting to specify a git source where a Podspec for the requested pod is
    not found will have a more helpful error message.
    Samuel Giddins
  • pod outdated will now accept the --no-repo-update and --no-integrate
    Samuel Giddins
  • Fixes an issue which prevented using a custom CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR when
    integrating CocoaPods via dynamic frameworks.
    Tim Rosenblatt
  • Pods frameworks in codesigned Mac apps are now signed.
    Nikolaj Schumacher