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Latest commit c310381 May 18, 2017 @benasher44 benasher44 committed on GitHub Merge pull request #6576 from adellibovi/no-specs-update-when-not-needed
Avoid unneeded master specs cloning for pod lib lint
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downloader Get completely rid of :head version support Mar 20, 2016
external_sources Fix regression from #6457 to ensure a correct error message is given … Mar 19, 2017
generator Add support for test target creation in the pods project generator May 15, 2017
installer Fix pod install error when working on a static lib project May 17, 2017
sandbox Provide a better error message if a podspec is found but cannot be pa… Mar 15, 2017
target Add support for test target creation in the pods project generator May 15, 2017
user_interface [GH Inspector] Add CHANGELOG and fix rubocop/inch issues Jul 9, 2016
command_spec.rb [Command] Raise when using git < 1.8.5 Nov 19, 2016
config_spec.rb [Config] Normalize installation_root to ensure same character encoding May 15, 2016
downloader_spec.rb [Cache] Use `git ls-remote` to skip full clones for branch dependencies Jun 10, 2016
executable_spec.rb Update executable spec to work under RubyGems 2.6.7 Oct 28, 2016
external_sources_spec.rb Remove support for the deprecated :local option in Podfiles Dec 30, 2015
hooks_manager_spec.rb Update specs for removal of deprecations Dec 30, 2015
installer_spec.rb Merge pull request #5607 from DanToml/dan_target_validation May 16, 2017
library_spec.rb Update specs for root target definitions being abstract by default May 4, 2016
project_spec.rb [Project] Add spec for Podfile explicit file type Mar 3, 2016
resolver_spec.rb [Resolver] Improve error message when specs not found Mar 19, 2017
sandbox_spec.rb Update CocoaPods specs to run on Linux Oct 25, 2016
sources_manager_spec.rb [Installer] Show output while updating repositories Mar 14, 2017
target_spec.rb [Gemfile] Update rubocop Jan 3, 2015
user_interface_spec.rb Add spec Nov 19, 2015
validator_spec.rb [Validator] No master specs cloning when not needed Apr 8, 2017