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Working with repositories

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A specification repository is a simple collection of podspec files organized with the following structure:

$ cd ~/.cocoapods/master
$ tree | head
└── A2DynamicDelegate
    └── 1.0
        └── A2DynamicDelegate.podspec
        └── A2DynamicDelegate.podspec
        └── A2DynamicDelegate.podspec
        └── A2DynamicDelegate.podspec

Although the master repo is backed by a git repository, this is not required. A repository to be valid is only required to respect the above described file structure.

CocoaPods stores its repositories in the ~/.cocoapods/ folder.

Adding a new repo

  1. Make a folder with the name of the repo in ~/.cocoapods/.
  2. Populate the repository with podspecs respecting the required folder structure.
From an existing git remote

If you want to create a git backed repository you can use the $ pod repo add command.


If during the installation process is resolved a Pod whose required version is present in more than one repository, the alphabetical order of the names is used to disambiguate.

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