[Linter] check frameworks attribute for invalid frameworks #66

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As seen in Marxon13/Specs@8ca38c4

  • frameworks
  • weak_frameworks
  • libraries

A simple regex rule for detecting invalid names, such as with , and spaces etc.

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Fixed error in pod spec #9489

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This issue can be implemented by improving this two methods to check against a regex.


I would love to have a go at this, but I'm struggling to find the spec where these methods are tested. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Hi @squarefrog... great to hear that!

The specs are here (by convention we name the test file like TESTED_CLASS_spec.rb and use the the same tree of the lib/cocoapods-core dir in the spec dir).


Thanks! I'll start on this tomorrow. I'll just add a simple regex to look for any non-alphanumeric. If this needs to change down the line (support symbols?), it should be easy to add new rules.

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Sounds great!


Couldn't sleep ;)



Strikethroughs are strings filtered out by the validation.

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@squarefrog in case any is missing... the tests of your patch should include all the cases that you presented above in #66 (comment)


Sure I can do that. Is there a way to check for passing cases? For example:

  it 'checks that acceptable frameworks do not raise messages' do
    @spec.frameworks = %w(MyLibrary Mylib2)
    message_should_not_include('framework', 'name')

I know message_should_not_include does not exist but is there something similar.

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You can create any function that would helpful as showcased in this spec


OK I'll see what I can come up with this weekend!

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