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16 lines (12 sloc) 1.377 kb do |s| = 'PRTween'
s.version = '0.0.1'
s.license = 'BSD'
s.summary = 'PRTween is a lightweight tweening library built for iOS.'
s.homepage = '' = { 'Dominik Hofmann' => '' }
s.source = { :git => '', :commit => 'a37330982a82e1f4f31f728af2cdb3fcfb223f6a' }
s.description = 'While Apple has done an incredible job with UIView Animations and Core Animation, there are sometimes cases that are difficult to get around. PRTween is a great alternative if you\'d like to: Animate a property Core Animation won\'t allow you to Ensure that [someView layoutSubviews] is respected during an animation Tween arbitrary numerical values, such as sound volume, scroll position, a counter, or many others Define your timing curve as a function rather than a bezier with control points PRTween aims to be as simple as possible without sacrificing flexibility. In many cases, an animation may be as simple as: [PRTween tween:someView property:@"alpha" from:1 to:0 duration:3]; In order to promote simplicity, PRTween can be used as a drop-in replacement for most animations in your app. This means that in the case displayed above, the end result is identical to writing a UIView animation yourself.'
s.platform = :ios
s.source_files = 'lib'
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