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20 lines (17 sloc) 1.01 KB do |s| = 'MTZoomWindow'
s.version = '0.5'
s.platform = :ios
s.summary = 'A UIWindow that can be used to zoom in a specific UIView and displays it fullscreen.'
s.homepage = '' = { 'Matthias Tretter' => '' }
s.source = { :git => '', :tag => '0.5' }
s.description = 'This class provides a simple way to zoom a specific UIView and display it ' \
'fullscreen, upon a defined action of the user (uses UIGestureRecognizer to ' \
'detect actions). If the user performs the action on the specified UIView the ' \
'view gets zoomed in animated and is displayed fullscreen, with a black ' \
'background. If the user performs the same gesture again, the UIView gets ' \
'zoomed back out and everything is like it was before.'
s.requires_arc = true
s.source_files = '*.{h,m}'
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