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A repository of CocoaPods specifications.

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This repository contains specifications of open-source Objective-C libraries, which are used by CocoaPods to manage library dependencies for your Xcode project.

Creating specifications

First of all, you need to install the tools.

$ [sudo] gem install cocoapods

A specification file has to be namespaced by the library’s name and the version for which the specification is meant. For instance, the directory for a library named ‘Bananas’ with version ‘1.2.3’ should be:

$ mkdir -p Bananas/1.2.3

Then you can have the CocoaPods pod command create a stub specification:

$ pod spec create Bananas/1.2.3/Bananas

Now edit the stub specification following the explanations therein contained. This file is a Ruby source file.

$ vim Bananas/1.2.3/Bananas.podspec

You can verify the specification file with the lint command.

$ pod spec lint Bananas/1.2.3/Bananas.podspec

Once you have created a working specification create a pull request. Once accepted, you will receive push access to this repo. Feel free to push updates, specs for other libraries you use, and participate in other tickets.


These specifications and CocoaPods are available under the MIT license.

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