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30 lines (25 sloc) 1.277 kb do |s| = "BeeFramework"
s.version = "0.2.1"
s.summary = "Bee Framework is an iOS MVC framework to help you develop your app rapidly."
s.description = <<-DESC
Bee Framework is a MVC Framework to develop iOS application.
It has pretty clear hieracy and signal based mechanism, also with cache and asynchonized networking methods in it.
Add __BEE_DEBUGGER__=1 in build setting of Pods target and add [BeeDebugger show] to AppDelegate to enable Bee Debugger.
s.homepage = ""
s.license = 'MIT' = { "gavinkwoe" => ""}
s.source = { :git => "", :tag => "0.2.1" }
s.resource = "BeeDebugger/*.png"
s.platform = :ios
s.source_files = 'BeeDebugger/**/*.{h,m}', 'BeeFramework/**/*.{h,m,mm}'
s.frameworks = 'CoreMedia', 'CoreVideo', 'AVFoundation', 'Security', 'SystemConfiguration', 'QuartzCore', 'MobileCoreServices', 'CFNetwork'
s.library = 'z'
s.xcconfig = { 'HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS' => '$(SDKROOT)/usr/include/libz' }
s.dependency 'JSONKit'
s.dependency 'ASIHTTPRequest'
s.dependency 'Reachability'
s.dependency 'SFHFKeychainUtils'
s.dependency 'FMDB'
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