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16 lines (12 sloc) 0.813 kB do |s| = 'DDPageControl'
s.version = '0.1.0'
s.license = 'MIT'
s.summary = 'An easily customizable alternative to UIKit\'s UIPageControl.'
s.homepage = '' = { 'Damien DeVille' => '' }
s.source = { :git => '', :tag => '0.1' }
s.description = 'DDPageControl redefines exactly every property and methods available in UIPageControl. Using DDPageControl without customization will actually lead exactly to a UIPageControl. However, the power of DDPageControl is that you can set some additional properties that will affect the way the look and feel of the page controls.'
s.platform = :ios
s.source_files = 'Classes/DDPageControl.{h,m}'
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