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this pod description is better summary

The original summary is too short so that it is difficult to feel the content of pod. In my opinion, the description of this pod is better for its summary.
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commit 2027d98933af0368cccd3b4f55012b82b47ae7b1 1 parent cd4149c
@weed weed authored
4 LibComponentLogging-Core/1.3.1/LibComponentLogging-Core.podspec
@@ -9,9 +9,7 @@ do |s| = { 'Arne Harren' => '' }
s.license = 'MIT'
- s.summary = 'Core files of LibComponentLogging, a small logging ' \
- 'library for Objective-C on Mac OS X and iOS.'
- s.description = 'LibComponentLogging is a small logging library for ' \
+ s.summary = 'LibComponentLogging is a small logging library for ' \
'Objective-C on Mac OS X and iOS which provides log ' \
'levels, log components, and pluggable logging ' \
'back-ends, e.g. writing log messages to a file, or ' \
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