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1 parent a45f5b7 commit fc4277abf1db95a4f754fff0c6e0b52248440f3b @lexrus lexrus committed Jul 3, 2012
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  1. +17 −0 ARCHelper/2.1/ARCHelper.podspec
@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@ do |s|
+ = "ARCHelper"
+ s.version = "2.1"
+ s.summary = "ARC Helper is an Objective-C snippet that can be either pasted into the header of a file or used as a header file in its own right. It is designed to solve the problem of writing library code that can be used with both ARC and non-ARC projects without needing to be modified. It is designed to work with both Mac OS and iOS projects."
+ s.description = 'ARC Helper is modular. For projects that are designed to work only with ARC enabled, you can use just the second and/or 3rd modules on their own (the part from "Weak reference support" down) and omit the first block. For projects that are iOS only, you don\'t need the 3rd module (the part from "Weak delegate support" down), which deals with weak references to classes such as NSWindowController on Mac OS that do not support weak references under Mac OS 10.7.'
+ s.homepage = ""
+ s.license = 'zlib 0.7'
+ = { "Nick Lockwood" => "" }
+ s.source = { :git => "git://", :commit => "a344e8dcda7739a9ad6b5ca768b68cbfd8e0d721" }
+ s.source_files = 'ARCHelper.h'
+ def s.post_install(target)
+ prefix_header = config.project_pods_root + target.prefix_header_filename
+'a') do |file|
+ file.puts(%{#ifdef __OBJC__\n#import "ARCHelper.h"\n#endif})
+ end
+ end

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