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Updating HockeySDK to 2.2.3.

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Upgrading from the 2.2.2 podspec I'm not seeing the CrashReporter.framework link correctly with this configuration. I see that the framework is copied to the build products directory in a build phase and $(BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR)/Pods/Frameworks is added to the Pods config file. However the framework is then not linked against by the Pods targets or the user's project so attempts to compile either project will fail with errors like:

CompileC ....../Build/Intermediates/Pods.build/Debug-iphonesimulator/Pods.build/Objects-normal/i386/BWQuincyManager.o 
......./workspace/Pods/HockeySDK/Classes/BWQuincyManager.m:30:9: fatal error: 'CrashReporter/CrashReporter.h' file not found [2]
 #import <CrashReporter/CrashReporter.h>

Is it possible to automate linking against the framework as part of the pod install process? If not could you at least document the need to do so manually so that minor version updates do not introduce breaking changes in users' build configurations?


Actually, the copying etc isn't even needed anymore. It was a hack needed to have the framework in a place where both Pods.xcodeproj and your App.xcodperoj could find it, but now we have a shared PODS_ROOT and it should be implemented just like in QuincyKit.

Regarding linking, at line 21 ‘CrashReporter’ is specified as a framework to link against (i.e. it should add -framework CrashReporter to OTHER_LDFLAGS). What I think might be the problem is that since this spec still uses the old hack (as described above) and we no longer sort build phases to make this hack work (i.e. copy frameworks to the shared build dir before compiling), it fails to find the framework.

So please adjust this spec to work like the QuincyKit one and see if that fixes the problem. And then please submit a pull request :)

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