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head fork: CocoaPods/Xcodeproj
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Commits on Sep 13, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Removed build status for develop branch. [ci skip] 50d9f88
Commits on Sep 28, 2012
@claybridges claybridges Change 'LastUpgradeCheck' for Xcode 4.5
Changes 'LastUpgradeCheck' from '0420' to '0450'. This suppresses the
upgrade warning in Xcode 4.5.
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Target] Added support for headers. 5c116ed
Commits on Oct 02, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Release 0.3.4 5a53472
Commits on Oct 04, 2012
@pbernery pbernery Add basic support for Resources Build Phase. 3efb815
@pbernery pbernery Typo fix ea016ad
@pbernery pbernery Merge branch 'support_for_resources_build_phase' 8ec4bba
Commits on Oct 05, 2012
@pbernery pbernery Add some spec for PBXResourcesBuildPhase 84f8fb0
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Merge pull request #30 from pbernery/support_for_resources_build_phase
Support for resources build phase
@pbernery pbernery WIP: cache result of @callbacks[:uuid_scope] in PBXObjectList and upd…
…ate @uuid_scope when object is added/removed
Jonathan Penn [NativeTarget] Support .hh files as headers 2397cfa
Commits on Oct 08, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Merge pull request #32 from jonathanpenn/master
Support .hh files as headers
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Merge pull request #28 from claybridges/Xcode45-upgrade-check
Change 'LastUpgradeCheck' for Xcode 4.5
Commits on Oct 10, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Config] Small code cleanup. 74c5be9
Commits on Oct 11, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Fixtures] Added sample project. d648263
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Bundle/Yard] Update and use of flawored markdown for documentation. a1013d1
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Gitignore] Added xcuserdata. 0e44086
Commits on Oct 12, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Fixtures] Updated sample project. 20a3f07
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Project/Object/ObjectList] Refactor.
The callback architecture was dropped in favor of reference counting. With this
refactor Xcodeproj builds a tree of objects and then converts the tree to hash,
instead of using a hash for manipulating the project.

Other changes:

- `ObjectList` is now an `Array` subclass.
- Runtime type checking for attributes.
- Caching of UUIDs.
- Other API changes.

Related to #6, #7, #26, #31.
Commits on Oct 13, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Constants] Added COPY_FILES_BUILD_PHASE_DESTINATIONS. 691fdef
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Workspace] Commented source code. f23836e
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Removed xcuserdata from sample project. 960f6e3
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Hash] Comment update and added spec. c284f56
Commits on Oct 15, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Project] Minor updates/fixes and specs. 487a26c
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Object] Corrections/updates and specs. a24ca39
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Specs] Clean up. 74dd914
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [ObjectList] specs. 7ae0c7d
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Specs] Updated specs for some concrete object subclasses. cbf5526
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Specs] AbstractObjectAttribute. 2877cf2
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Specs] Minor clean up. 284a790
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Minor additions/corrections to file reference and native target. 3d1afaf
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [AbstractObject] Remove unnecessary check as suggested by @pbernery. 37f96ec
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Merge branch 'master' into refactor
* master:
  [NativeTarget] Support .hh files as headers
  Add some spec for PBXResourcesBuildPhase
  Change 'LastUpgradeCheck' for Xcode 4.5

@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Specs] Added specifications for more concrete subclasses. 5f19520
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Attribute] Fixed incongruence in name type. 392411d
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [PBXContainerItemProxy] :remote_global_id_string should be a string a…
…nd not an object.
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Restore compatiblity with Ruby 1.8.7. ae897f1
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [PBXContainerItemProxy] Make also container_portal a weak reference. 0ec8329
Commits on Oct 16, 2012
@pbernery pbernery Typo fix 75776c6
@pbernery pbernery Fix file_reference update_last_known_file_type
Fix associated spec
@pbernery pbernery Fix group
Fix group specs (one is still not passing though)
@pbernery pbernery [Specs][Project][NativeTarget] Update specs to new API and fix code 02bd949
Commits on Oct 17, 2012
@pbernery pbernery Fix a crash when setting nil as the value of an attribute 6559104
@pbernery pbernery Added a spec on removing a file and its associated build files 9431696
@pbernery pbernery [BuildFile] More specs
[FileReference] override remove_from_project to remove associated build files
@alloy alloy Don’t crash with invalid values, such as malformed utf8. 89ec7c9
Commits on Oct 18, 2012
@pbernery pbernery [PBXFileReference] removed implicit behavior of remove_from_project 41d3704
@pbernery pbernery [PBXBuildPhase] added a remove_file_reference method and updated specs 371ccc0
@alloy alloy Fix constant lookup bug. 2f10bd9
@alloy alloy [bin] Add new target diff implementation. b3281a5
Commits on Oct 19, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Specs] Fix minor issue with ruby 1.8.7. 8628af9
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Release 0.3.5 da9a356
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Merge branch 'master' into refactor
* master:
  Release 0.3.5
  Don’t crash with invalid values, such as malformed utf8.
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [NativeTarget] Minor bug fix. c089149
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Group] Support for finding files with [] method. 976c8a6
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Group] Minor bug fix to []. 280a500
Commits on Oct 20, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Object] Improved informative for unknown attributes. 6c3d04a
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Bin] Extracted option parsing handling from the CocoaPods gem. b5381c3
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Project] Support for UUID insensitive diff. 9d53024
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [RecursiveDiff] Improve diff support for arrays. 4c984a6
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Show] Add show command. 395f65e
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [NativeTarget] Set explicit file type for static libraries. 98c2336
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Project] Fine tune default phases for new targets. 1d87e6e
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [ProjectDiff] Add project diff command e1fed83
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Gemspec] Added executable. d00a63a
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [ProjectDiff] Support for --ignore. 3d5c59d
Commits on Oct 21, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Specs] Update Project#new_target default build phases. d4ec422
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Attempt to fix dependency issues on Travis. cf5a7e0
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Fix for colored requirement. 757c914
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Opps] forgot to save a file :-) fbd4902
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Merge pull request #34 from CocoaPods/refactor
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Release 0.4.0.rc1 cc71c66
Commits on Oct 22, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Added support for more attributes. 0562b18
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Release 0.4.0.rc2 59b6f6d
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Specs] Added reference to another project in sample project. 75aabd3
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Added ObjectDictionary class. ec9786c
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Added support of PBXProject#project_references and PBXReferenceProxy. ed69b27
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [ObjectDictionary] Added support for #remove_reference. 2489e1e
Commits on Oct 23, 2012
@pbernery pbernery Added a spec to point the remove_from_project problem of build files
Moved some tests in build_file_spec to build_phase_spec (a more appropriate place)
Added a `remove_build_file` method in `AbstractBuildPhase`
@pbernery pbernery Fix "removes several build files from a build phase" spec. daa3940
@pbernery pbernery Updated PBXVariantGroup documentation 2ebe8a3
@pbernery pbernery [Group] Added a `remove_children_recursively` method ea3a4e8
@pbernery pbernery [Group] added a spec for remove_children_recursively and fix the method. 753caea
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Specs] Added ObjectDictionary. 544dda3
@pbernery pbernery Merge pull request #36 from CocoaPods/fix_build_files_removal
[Specs] Test adding and removing multiple build files
Moved some specs from _build file_ to _build phase_
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [ContainerItemProxy] Improved documentation. 6250a8b
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [BuildPhase] Added #clear_build_files. ba9c98d
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Added support for PBXAggregateTarget and PBXLegacyTarget. 8d47184
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Release 0.4.0.rc3 eaab002
Commits on Oct 25, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Model] Fixes for PBXFileReference and PBXAggregateTarget.
Closes #37.
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Release 0.4.0.rc4 cc90871