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Commits on Oct 22, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Added support for more attributes. 0562b18
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Release 0.4.0.rc2 59b6f6d
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Specs] Added reference to another project in sample project. 75aabd3
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Added ObjectDictionary class. ec9786c
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Added support of PBXProject#project_references and PBXReferenceProxy. ed69b27
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [ObjectDictionary] Added support for #remove_reference. 2489e1e
Commits on Oct 23, 2012
@pbernery pbernery Added a spec to point the remove_from_project problem of build files
Moved some tests in build_file_spec to build_phase_spec (a more appropriate place)
Added a `remove_build_file` method in `AbstractBuildPhase`
@pbernery pbernery Fix "removes several build files from a build phase" spec. daa3940
@pbernery pbernery Updated PBXVariantGroup documentation 2ebe8a3
@pbernery pbernery [Group] Added a `remove_children_recursively` method ea3a4e8
@pbernery pbernery [Group] added a spec for remove_children_recursively and fix the method. 753caea
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Specs] Added ObjectDictionary. 544dda3
@pbernery pbernery Merge pull request #36 from CocoaPods/fix_build_files_removal
[Specs] Test adding and removing multiple build files
Moved some specs from _build file_ to _build phase_
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [ContainerItemProxy] Improved documentation. 6250a8b
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [BuildPhase] Added #clear_build_files. ba9c98d
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Added support for PBXAggregateTarget and PBXLegacyTarget. 8d47184
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Release 0.4.0.rc3 eaab002
Commits on Oct 25, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [Model] Fixes for PBXFileReference and PBXAggregateTarget.
Closes #37.
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Release 0.4.0.rc4 cc90871
Commits on Oct 26, 2012
@pbernery pbernery [BuildPhase] fix a crash when trying to remove a file that is not in …
…the build phase
Commits on Oct 27, 2012
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [AbstractObject] Improve type checking error message. 8711744
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin [BuildFile] Add support PBXReferenceProxy ref. b19fda6
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Release 0.4.0.rc5 97a5a44
Commits on Nov 02, 2012
@alloy alloy Fix case error in Command dir. 2ddbebf
@alloy alloy [PBXShellScriptBuildPhase] has option to show env vars in build log.
Fixes #38.
@fabiopelosin fabiopelosin Added #proxy? to PBXReferenceProxy and PBXFileReference. 568f47d
@alloy alloy [PBXVariantGroup] Add lastKnownFileType attribute. a52e530
@alloy alloy Release 0.4.0.rc6 916f1f7