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Cocoa Application With productRefGroup.xcodeproj Add requested tests Oct 13, 2016
Cocoa Application Without productRefGroup.xcodeproj Fixes issue CocoaPods/Xcodeproj#409 Sep 3, 2016
CommonBuildSettings [Constants] Update for Xcode 9.3 Jan 25, 2018
CoreData/VersionedModel.xcdatamodeld Added CoreData model spec fixture Aug 18, 2013
Otto's Remote.xcworkspace Add test for workspaces containing projects whose path include XML en… Sep 10, 2013
Sample Project Update specs for higher LastUpgradeVersion Jan 25, 2018
SharedSchemes [Environment Variables] Add support for scheme environment variables Oct 27, 2015
WorkspaceSchemes Make Workspace.load_schemes load schemes in the workspace container Mar 21, 2018
libPusher.xcworkspace Initial changes to support serialization of <Group> in xcworkspace Oct 20, 2015
another-config-with-include.xcconfig [Config] Make #to_hash include import statements Sep 27, 2017
config-with-include.xcconfig [Config] Make #to_hash include import statements Sep 27, 2017
config-without-include.xcconfig [Config] Make #to_hash include import statements Sep 27, 2017
differing-whitespace.xcconfig Adds additional test cases Apr 13, 2018
include.xcconfig Added more tests for Xcodeproj::Config May 27, 2012
oneline-key-value.xcconfig [Fix] Change misspelled to `OTHER_LD_FLAGS' to `OTHER_LDFLAGS' May 28, 2012
project.xcconfig [BuildConfiguration] Make regular expression lazy to support appendin… Jul 18, 2017
sample.xcconfig [Plist] Migrate to purely native ASCII plist parsing Oct 20, 2016
subscript.xcconfig Fix extracting key value pairs from xcconfig files Nov 20, 2014
target.xcconfig [XCBuildConfiguration] Support environment variables in #resolve_buil… Jan 23, 2018
with-comments.xcconfig More specs for creating Xcodeproj::Config from file May 27, 2012