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The blog for CocoaPods
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The blog for CocoaPods


To install git submodules and grab ruby dependencies:

$ rake bootstrap


To start a local server that shows all posts including drafts:

$ rake run:drafts

This is also the default task, so just rake will do the same.

Or if you want to see the blog *without any draft posts, as the blog would look if it were to be deployed right now:

$ rake run:published

The shared submodule is the cocoapods shared resources repo that holds shared design notes and assets.


Run rake deploy to push to site the gh-pages branch.

The _gh-pages folder (which is ignored) is used to checkout the gh-pages of this repo. rake deploy will push the built version of the site to that branch and push to the server pulling in any changes.


Drafts are stored in the _drafts folder to leverage the drafts feature of jekyll. The rake run task is configured to show the drafts.


This repository and CocoaPods are available under the MIT license.

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