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Build Status

CocoaDocs is essentially 2 tools, one is a script for generating complex appledoc templates and the other is a server aspect for reacting to webhook notifications.

How it works for the 99% use cases:

CocoaDocs receives webhook notifications from the CocoaPods/Specs repo on GitHub whenever a CocoaPod is updated.

This triggers a process that will generate documentation for objective-c projects via appledoc and host them for the community. This process can take around 15 minutes after your Podspec is published via trunk.

At the minute 404 errors are likely to occur at our end due to work on trying to move to a queuing system. Presuming your library is made out of objc.

What control do I have over CocoaDocs as a library author?
  • You have the ability to edit the styling of CocoaDocs for your own libraries to give some personal branding. This is done by adding a .cocoadocs.yml file to the root of your library, which overwrite these properties:

    highlight-font: '"GT Walsheim", "gt_walsheim_regular", "Avant Garde Gothic ITCW01Dm", "Avant Garde", "Helvetica Neue", "Arial"'
    body: '"Helvetica Neue", "Arial", san-serif'
    code: '"Monaco", "Menlo", "Consolas", "Courier New", monospace'
    highlight-color: '#ED0015'
    highlight-dark-color: '#A90010'
    darker-color: '#C6B7B2'
    darker-dark-color: '#A8A8A8'
    background-color: '#F2F2F2'
    alt-link-color: '#B7233F'
    warning-color: '#B80E3D'

    All defaults are stored in this config file for you to overwite.

  • You can find an example of styling at ARAnalytics's .cocoadocs.yml

  • You can add your own documentation guides, either from remote markdown files or from files locally inside the library. CocoaDocs will automatically convert github wiki pages to the markdown behind it.

     - docs/
  • If you host your own documentation, and/or just prefer to not use CocoaDocs you can use the documentation_url reference in your Podspec.

Previewing my library in CocoaDocs

First, clone this repo: git clone then run bundle install and then run bundle exec rake install_tools to get all pre-requisite apps set up.

To preview your library run:

bundle exec ./cocoadocs.rb preview ARAnalytics

This will get the master version of your library and run it through CocoaDocs, then open the resulting folder, you can open the index.html in a web browser to preview locally.

CocoaDocs Admin

The CocoaPods' CocoaDocs server is hosted on provided by Button. We use RSA public keys to log in. You'll have to get your to an existing admin ( currently orta /segiddins ) to get access.

SSH access is automated via the Rakefile:

  • bundle exec rake deploy - will log in via SSH, stop the API server, update it and then bring the server back up.

  • bundle exec rake doc["pod_name"] - will log in via SSH, and run a re-doc for a pod. Similar to the redeploy API, but you can see the logs.


The creation of CocoaDocs v2 has been made possible with help from the following:

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