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Get info about available CocoaPods plugins.
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CocoaPods plugins

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CocoaPods plugin which shows info about available CocoaPods plugins or helps you get started developing a new plugin. Yeah, it's very meta.


$ gem install cocoapods-plugins


List installed plugins
$ pod plugins installed

List all installed CocoaPods plugins with their respective version (and pre_install/post_insall hooks if any)

List known plugins
$ pod plugins list

List all known CocoaPods plugins (according to the list hosted on

Search plugins
$ pod plugins search QUERY

Search plugins whose name contains the given text (ignoring case). With --full, it searches by name but also by author and description.

Create a new plugin
$ pod plugins create NAME [TEMPLATE_URL]

Create a scaffold for the development of a new plugin according to the CocoaPods best practices. If a TEMPLATE_URL, pointing to a git repo containing a compatible template, is specified, it will be used in place of the default one.

Get your plugin listed

$ pod plugins publish

Create an issue in the cocoapods-plugins GitHub repository to ask for your plugin to be added to the official list (with the proper JSON fragment to be added to plugins.json so we just have to copy/paste it).

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