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Create at least one upcoming milestone for #2

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What is the next immediate goal we are working toward and how will we know when it is done?

e.g. Announce that is available to the public and contains useful documentation for [experienced pods users | getting started with pods | pods developers | everyone].

Knowing what we are working toward we can prioritize what issues need to be resolved or content created to get there and know when we are ready to ship something.

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I think that atm there are mainly two milestones.

  1. Get API documentation for 0.17 up-to-date and especially have extensive docs for the Podfile and Specification DSLs, which is what a normal user has to interact with.
  2. Add proper guides:
    • Introduction to CP
    • Guide for users
    • Guide for spec authors

Depending on when 0.17 itself is finished, only the first milestone might be needed at first.

CocoaPods member

Here is my suggestion. As @alloy said for the first release I think that we just need to have the DSL and commands docs up to speed for the 0.17 release.

Milestone 1 (User docs)

Ideal time frame 1/2 weeks (estimated time for 0.17 proper release).

  • Check the user documentation for technical and grammatical errors.
  • Check the user documentation for graphical glitches and other errors.
  • Provide a link to the docs from
  • Provide (even minimal) installation Guide
    • The other guides could be hidden a this point.

Milestone 2 (User guides)

Ideal time frame 3/4 weeks.

  • Completion of installation guide if needed.
  • Walkthrough about using CocoPods to integrate an Xcode project.
  • Other guides for users.
  • Guides for spec authors.
  • See information available in the CocoaPods/CocoaPods wiki.
  • According to the number of guides which might be available a dedicated section might be created.

Milestone 3 (CSS)

  • Refine and finalize graphical layout?

Milestone 4 (Developer docs)

  • Fix errors of the developer docs
    • In some cases the return type is corrupted.
    • Properly handle constants.
    • Properly handle private methods.
    • Layout issues.
    • Clean a bit the code which atm is messy.
    • Decide a policy about versioning.
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I concur, but let’s just put milestone 1 at at least 2 weeks.

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Closing as this has been superseded by the guides.

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