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Make docs more scannable #7

mtitolo opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Michele Fabio Pelosin Orta

I find my self using the RubyDocs more frequently than the official Docs. Mostly this is because the real docs have no type information, so even when going through an index I can't reasonably scan.

It's also difficult using these docs to see relationships between objects without having both pulled up in separate tabs. There's also no hierarchy to objects, when one definitely exists. I've seen this with both the docs for the cocoapods and xcodeproj gems.

Fabio Pelosin

Indeed, a good point. I need to experiment a bit with the layout to accommodate the types in the indexes.

About the relationships are you referring to a functionality similar to the class list presented on the left frame by RubyDocs?


Exactly! The left-hand pane is extremely helpful when trying to both find objects, and figure out how things are related.


Closing as this has been superseded by the guides.

Orta orta closed this
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