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Badges #22

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Apparently NPM has some new cool badges, we should catchup. Badges are like emoji and are the foundation of good software.

screen shot 2013-12-15 at 13 32 30

I vote for something along the following lines


The install and docs button are separated static images were only the link is customized. Install links to a page in which features with a big font and allows to copy the following line:

pod 'ObjectiveSugar', '~> 1.0.0'

The sketch file used for the preview is available here:


This is interesting, I like the idea.

If we do this we should move the CocoaPods badges in-house too so we control our own destiny.
screen shot 2013-12-21 at 18 05 22


Hey guys, I guess something broke with the new Cocoapods page. The version and platform badges I created (those on the picture above) are no longer working due to the lack of the API.

There used to be a valid request at that returned the pod's properties in a JSON object that I used to build the badges, but now it gives a HTTP 404.

In the cocoapod-badges README there is a link to the commit that created the API, but now that commit is gone. I guess you guys reset the project for the new page, right?

Now @jessesquire noticed that his badges were gone and when I looked into it I realised it happened to all badges.

Please, let me know what you are planning on doing so we can figure what to do with the badges.


this should be an easy fix ATM, switch to

We will be replacing this with a better version API within a few months, but we can give you warning!

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@fjcaetano fjcaetano referenced this issue in badges/cocoapod-badges

version error badges #5


@orta that's awesome! I was unaware of that, sorry.

I'll dig into it!


Don't worry, it wasn't announced. Think you're the only person using it. We'll keep that in mind :+1:

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@fjcaetano I've put you into the search engine source code so that we don't forget who is using that method :) CocoaPods/


Nice! Thanks :smiley:


@fjcaetano Sure :) That will help remembering to ping you when we migrate all this over to the pod API.


I'm closing this, as it … is done? Please reopen if I am wrong.

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