The search sections should not display duplicates #40

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fabiopelosin commented Feb 21, 2014

The PODS WITH SUMMARY section often displays many of the results included in the PODS NAMED section. This creates noise which doesn’t allow to see easily if there is any pod not matched by the name which might be interesting.

An implementation could be to define an order of importance (the current vertical ordering would do fine) for the various sections and just don’t display a pod if it was already included in a more important section.


floere commented Dec 14, 2014

We could remove duplicates (Picky supports that), but then if somebody searches for test, gets 9 results for the second category (10 were removed because they were in the first category), and then clicks the second category, they may be surprised as now the number of results has jumped from 9 to 19.

Maybe… We "fold" duplicate results so they are very thin but can be opened.


orta commented Dec 14, 2014

IMO, think it's not too important to do this


orta commented Sep 26, 2015

I'm still good with not doing this.

orta closed this Sep 26, 2015

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