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Eloy D. orta: I’ve been thinking about the ~> 0.0 thing and I’m not sure it’s a good idea.
Because until v1 semver specifically states you cannot expect backward compatibility.
orta If we do '~> x.y.z', we might as weel just do 'x.y.z'
Eloy D. No, bugfixes are still bugfixes.
orta so you think 1.0.0+ gets '~> x.y", but otherwise we do 'x.y.z' ?
Eloy D. Ideally we would do ~> x.y.z if the version is < 1.0.0. If the version is >= 1.0.0 then it makes sense to do ~> 1.0.

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Great point by @alloy!

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this is in

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