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RSS and Twitter notifications for new Pods

Build Status

This application creates and updates an RSS feed containing the last 30 pods added to CocoaPods/specs. During each update it tweets the new pods.



$ cp .env.sample .env
$ vim .env
$ rake bootstrap
$ foreman start

Run Tests:

$ rake

Test GitHub post-receive hook:

$ curl -d 'payload={"ref":"refs/heads/master"}' http://localhost:5000/hook

License and Contributions

This application and CocoaPods are available under the MIT license.

Contributing to the CocoaPods projects is really easy and gratifying. You even get push access when one of your patches is accepted.


  • Initialization:
    1. the specs repo is cloned or updated in tmp/.cocoapods/master.
    2. the feed is created in public/new-pods.rss.
  • GitHub post-receive hook:
    1. the specs repo is updated.
    2. the feed is recreated.
    3. tweets for the new pods.
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