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Automatic Sales Report Downloader for Mac
Objective-C Groovy
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AutoIngest for Mac

Download your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly sales reports automatically to your harddisk.

This uses the DTITCReportDownloader (aka "The Missing API") static library which is an Open Source rewrite of Apple's

If you see anything worth improving then just send a pull request!

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To Do

  • replace the temporary status bar icon
  • animate this icon while downloading is occuring
  • change the "Sync Now" menu option to "Stop Sync" during download
  • provide an app icon for the app
  • Add downloading on a timer
  • Add counting of how many items where downloaded per type during a sync session
  • report these via the didFinishNotification and output them in the user notification
  • add UI to configure multiple accounts + Vendor IDs
  • add support for Opt-In and Newsstand reports (I have no reports there so I cannot test them)
  • add option to organize report folder: Vendor_ID/ReportType/ReportSubType/ReportDateType
  • add Sparkle and automatic updating with Developer ID

If you have an idea that is not in this list, then please ask before getting to work on it.

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