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<h1>Newline Spaces and BaseURL Handling</h1>
<p>This HTML has text beginning after ending tags on new lines. These need to turn into spaces. Also the HTML links are relative links, this tests if they get turned into links relative to the supplied BaseURL</p>
<p><a href="
index.cfm?fobjectid=48186">The remarkable view</a>
follows the locations of this galaxy's
<a href="
index.cfm?fobjectid=48188">once and future stars</a>.
In reddish hues, image data from the large
<a href="ap091016.html">Herschel infrared</a>
observatory traces enormous lanes of dust,
warmed by stars, sweeping along Andromeda's spiral arms.
The dust, in conjunction with the galaxy's interstellar gas,
comprises the raw material for future
<a href="ap101022.html">star formation</a>.
X-ray data from the <a href="ap040130.html">XMM-Newton</a>
observatory in blue
pinpoint Andromeda's <a href="ap000121.html">X-ray binary</a>
star systems.
These systems likely contain neutron stars or stellar mass
black holes that represent final stages in stellar evolution.
More than twice the size of our <a href="ap080606.html">own Milky Way</a>,
the Andromeda Galaxy is over 200,000 light-years across.</p>